Many of you have actively or passively spent time pondering the answer to the big question – Who is Jesus Christ to me? After spending time talking to many who are genuinely “in search” I have discovered that they are asking a question which will not lead to what they sincerely desire to know. Behind the restlessness about faith I more often than not discover a person who believe the claims of the bibicial Christ but has yet to experience His transforming power in their life. This has often lead them on a continuous frustrating search that has left them true cynics.

My hope is that there is a re-ignition for some and a greater passion for others to personally know and experience the true and living God in all His fullness. Allow me to introduce you to a community of ordinary people who have honestly searched for and found a life changing TRUTH; Answer the knock on your heart today by radically saying YES to Jesus by faith, then commit to spending a life time being His follower; daily being transformed into His likeness and being confident in the knowledge that the full revelation of Jesus is understood and experienced in the journey it-self.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has”. Margaret Mead

At THC, we are imperfect people who have discovered a perfect saviour. We are committed to knowing Jesus in all His wonderful splendor and power; to worshipping Him without apology and to making His awesome love known. We are a community that is sold out to investing in people who will in-turn leave a footprint on their sphere of influence by modeling the life of Jesus Christ – feeding the poor, caring for the sick, mending the broken hearted and sharing the hope that is Christ to the hopeless.

As the senior pastor/eternal-life coach at THC, I invite you to visit our “authentic community” of diverse families and individuals whose relentless search has ended and whose journey of transformation has begun. Come, let us walk together, the journey was never meant to be travelled alone as Together Each Accomplishes More.

Our Mission

A community of transformation that desires to know Christ and make Him known throughout Mississauga, the GTA and the ends of the earth.

Our Vision

The church for people who are passionate for Christ and desire transformation.

The Hope Center empowers, equips and establishes people to reach their full potential in Christ, spiritually, socially, academically and politically through Christian discipleship and mentoring relationships.