The purpose of the Hope Media Outreach is to serve the vision of The Hope Centre, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, to provide a voice of hope to a dying world and a source of encouragement to followers of Jesus Christ.

Proclaiming: noun / a doing word; implies continuous action – announce, declare, make known, give out, notify, circulate, advertise, publish, broadcast, pronounce, announce, shout….

We proclaim the good news to one soul at a time.  This means that we strive to live lives that agree publicly and privately with the gospel that we preach.  Our lives will agree with our message so that we are effective and credible witnesses.  We, by our Christian service, release the excellence of our audience and propel them towards the fulfillment of their purpose.

The Hope Centre Media Ministry/Outreach consists of:

1.    The Hope Centre Times (print publication)

2.    Media Partners (supporters of the Media Outreach of The Hope Centre)

3.    Media Team (the church department that produces and coordinates the radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, and media equipment)

4.    Administration (overall coordination of the various strands of outreach)